Inventory Web-Based/Online Tracking System of FATIH Our Ref: Project of Ministry of National Education of Turkey


  • Analysis, Design, specification, web based software development, management of software/application, architecture and community portal in multi-user and multi-layer web access database (MS SQL RDBMS) application
  • Business analysis
  • HW and SW installation
  • digital transformation and IoT platform development
  • Design and development a network
  • Development of quality infrastructure with a strong participation from the customer/user side
  • graphic design of electronic information, guideline
  • Business Process Automation and Entity Management
  • IT Equipment and database development and supervising the implementation of the project and contract via communicating, negotiating and mediating with technical and non-technical audience
  • Technology applied: .net, IIS, inter-network routing architectures, and the underlying network security technologies, and in scripting, MS SQL (RDBMS) over MS environment, Rapid Application/ prototyping Development, data visualization, web server management, agile development methodologies
  • Document Management System
  • Technology: .net, MSSQL, Web Forms, MVC Framework, Microsoft Entity Framework, Visual studio IDE, Advanced SQL knowledge, Crystal Reports, Microsoft SQL Server, SQL Reporting Service, External File processing (Excel, PDF and Word)
  • Training ,

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