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Instant Updates

We make sure to include every new tender, project, fund and training to decrease the discomfort of having to look at every source.

No Payment or Fee Needed

No need to pay for information, we gather it and you collect it.

Search Through Content

Search by desired category or keyword to reach the least tenders, projects, funds and trainings on your area.

Increase Profit

Make money by investing your time for the preperation of the tender document rather than browsing the net and access related URLs instantly without paying for it.

Proje-ilan, Reach Fast, Use Fast

We dedicate our time to collect automatically latest updates from tenders, projects, funds and trainings to make sure you can access the latest content. Relevant URLs are always in the website for you to reach time instantly rather than browsing the Net trying to find the right source website.

The recipe is simple: search by keyword, find the project you want, click, see the details and Go!

Proje-ilan – http://proje-ilan.com

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