Our Ref: Upgrading Of Implementation And Operational Manuals For The Department For European Investments, Ministry Of Transport, Maritime Affairs And Communications, Turkey


  • Expected Results: Existing PIM, POG and Annexes are reviewed, upgraded and updated to reflect regulatory, procedural and institutional developments since their initial drafting in 2011, while the existing structure and format of the documents is maintained with a strong participation from the customer/user side
  • Outputs: :
    • Report on the existing institutional structure of EUID
    • Business Process Automation and Entity Management
    • Europaid Procurement PIM, POG and Annexses
    • First draft of the revised PIM and Annexes
    • First draft of the revised POG
    • Two-day consultation workshop
    • Summary Report identifying any agreed further revisions
    • Second draft of the revised PIM, POG and Annexes
    • Final draft of the revised PIM, POG and Annexes
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