Our Ref: Technical Assistance and Supervision for Erzurum Water and Wastewater Project (EuropeAid/129942/D/SER/TR)


  • Assistance for implementation of geographical information systems by digitalizing   and updating existing water and wastewater infrastructure into the GIS
  • digital transformation and IoT platform development
  • Business Process Automation and Entity Management
  • Analysing, Designing, development and management of ICT solutions, Development of quality infrastructure with a strong participation from the customer/user side
  • Assistance for implementation of water   supply   and distribution   network   and   wastewater collection network models and other relevant software
  • Prepare a database for consumers (water bills, consumption, etc.) that will be available and can work in cooperation with a GIS software
  • Prepare a database for breakdowns in the water distribution network that will be available and can work in cooperation with a GIS software
  • Review and verification of the supply tender documents and update the market research in light of the ESKİ ‘s needs and correction of these documents if needed, procurement assistance during the tendering and contracting stages of supply contract to MoEF  and  Contracting Authority.
  • Transferring from classic bureaucracy the public authority to New Public Management and to network and digital governance in terms of ICT and GIS technology and Turkish Public Administration Reform of 2023 and benefitting by local citizen and central management
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