Profanity Software Infrastructure

Analyze and Detect Profanity in Social Media Accounts, Portal(s) by Profanity software


  • Profanity software
  • Accessible via an admin and API interface,
  • Integrated with Buzz-preventer so that the output from Buzz-preventer is analyzed by Buzz-analyzer for intelligent reports,
  • Easy one button integration with your Facebook and Twitter accounts to eliminate the risk of profanity,
  • Generation of periodic reports for profanity on either live strem of data or on accounts – especially for enterprise or highly popular social accounts,
  • Self-learning and eliminating human effort,
  • Integratable to both enterprise environment on-premises or by an API,
  • Machine Learning (ML) based,
  • Increases the accuracy rate by providing adaptation to new data over time,
  • Via feedback forms, we detect our misclassifications and improve upon.

Area of Use


  • Twitter,
  • Facebook,
  • Website(s)/Portal(s),
  • Social Media Analysis
  • Feedback forums
  • Regulars BI and Profanity Reports to understand the source and reason of profanity attack
  • Encryptable source of data to protect your privacy
  • Fit for both Enterprise and Personal use
  • Any platforms that need profanity software

Innovative Sides

By using Buzz-preventer‘s preprocessed and analyzed text, Buzz-analyser achieves:

  • Categorized and periodic reporting using word-trees and topic analysis
  • Regular reporting of live-stream data
  • Bulk analyzing text and reporting
  • Integration with social media accounts that is managable through an online account
  • Easy integration with enterprise needs and personal use
  • Profanity filter features
  • detecting swear, profane, bad words and beeping

Our profanity software presentation

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