Our Ref: Improving Energy Efficiency in Industry in Turkey (the Turkey IEE Project)-PIMS36646 WDDE



  • Analysis, Design, development and management of the ICT solutions
  • Business analysis
  • This consultancy activity will contribute to the Turkey IEE project’s:
  • Output 2: Enhanced capacity and awareness of Turkish industry and energy service providers
  • The overall objectives and scope of this assignment for the Turkey IEE Project are to: web and graphic design, implement and maintain a project website that promotes the project and its activities, to disseminate information and to raise awareness on energy efficiency in industry.
  • The web design and administration consultant worked in close co-operation with the Communication Officer of UNDP Environment and Sustainable Development (ESD) Programme and communications expert of the project, thereby contributing to increasing awareness on energy efficiency in industry in Turkey.
  • Document Management System
  • Development of quality infrastructure with a strong participation from the customer/user side
  • graphic design of electronic information, guideline
  • Training
  • sanev.net

Technology used: Joomla, Linux, MySQL (RDBMS), HTML, CSS, JS, PHP, Rapid Application/prototyping Development, data visualization, web server management, agile development methodologies, open source development,

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