Our Ref: Revision of two training programmes for juvenile justice professionals in turkey


Revision of two training programmes for juvenile justice professionals (Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Home Affairs, Ministry of Family) in turkey, facilitation of training of trainers and need assessment, software development and management of online complex questionnaire tool, monitoring and evaluation and distance learning system for EU funded “justice for children” project (tr2010/0136.08; Rfp-tura-2013-08)

  • http://www.cocuklaricinadalet.org/ : The Project is financed by the EU with technical support by UNICEF. Project partners are the Ministry of Justice DG Prisons and Detention Houses, the Ministry of Justice Training Department, the Ministry of Family and Social Policies DG Child Services, the High Council of Judges and Public Prosecutors and the Justice Academy of Turkey.
  • Writing/preparing specifications , TOR for software
  • Analysis, Design, development and management of the ICT solutions
  • Business analysis, Business Process Automation and Entity Management
  • HW and SW installation
  • Development of quality infrastructure with a strong participation from the customer/user side
  • Design and development a network
  • graphic design of electronic information, guideline, electronic and printed books
  • Technology used for M&E Tool: .net, multi-user and multi-layer web access database (Oracle RDBMS) application over MS environment

Technology Used For Distance Learning Tool: Moodle, Linux, HTML, CSS, JS, PHP, Rapid Application/prototyping Development, data visualization, Document Management System, web server management, agile development methodologies, open source development, MySQL (RDBMS) over Linux environment

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